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Baby Saccarosio 24%

PARAF code

  • 935770519

Internal code

  • SAC200


  • Food for special medical purposes.


  • 100 sterile single-dose ampoules 2 ml – net weight 200 ml.

Preservation methods

  • Store in a cool, dry place.


Solution for oral use based on sucrose concentrated to 24%.

Description and indications

Baby SUCROSE 24% is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary treatment of the infant in case of maneuvers that can cause pain and consequent crying attacks.

Dosage and method of use

Before proceeding with any intervention that may cause crying, open the ampoule, place the amount of drops of Baby SUCROSE 24% recommended by the doctor on the tongue, according to the weight of the infant. Usually a pacifier is offered to the infant before and after the administration of Baby SUCROSE 24%. The operation can be repeated during the 24 hours at a distance of 5 minutes, up to 8 times for physiological infants and 4 times for premature babies.


Use only under medical supervision in a hospital gown. Do not use as the sole power source. Not for parenteral use.

No effects reported. At the recommended doses Baby SUCROSE 24% does not change blood sugar levels.

Nutrition table

Energia KJ 407 8
Kcal 96 2
Grassi g 0 0
di cui acidi grassi saturi g 0 0
Carboidrati g 24 0,48
di cui zuccheri g 24 0,48
Proteine g 0 0
Sale g 0 0