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About us

Who we are


DMF PHARMA FoodAR is an Italian company specializing in the research, development and marketing of Special* Medical Purpose Foods.

Since 1997, we have offered dietary solutions aimed at meeting the needs of people with special medical conditions, from children to the elderly.

Our products are designed to address certain nutritional needs through the elimination of nutrients that are not tolerated or by providing those that the body needs.

Our range of special foods aims to meet the needs of people who must adhere to special diets.

Over the past decades, DMF PHARMA FoodAR has developed multiple registered nutritional formulas and patents based on both its applied research and clinical studies. DMF PHARMA FoodAR has established long-term cooperation with opinion leaders, influencers, primary research institutions and hospitals. The unique and valuable network built over time has enabled DMF PHARMA FoodAR to position itself as a reference point in the Special Medical Purpose Foods industry



We consider special nutrition as an important factor in improving the therapeutic efficacy and quality of life of people with chronic disorders, particular metabolic diseases, or general or specific malnutrition.

We have extensive in-house production and selected international partnerships to meet the needs of an ever-increasing number of people through targeted, scientifically advanced and good-tasting dietary solutions.

* Special Medical Purpose Food is defined as an expressly processed or formulated food product, to be used “under medical supervision,” intended for the feeding (by natural or artificial means) of all or part of patients, with limited, disturbed or impaired ability to take in, digest, absorb, metabolize or eliminate common foods or certain nutrients contained therein or metabolites, whose dietary management cannot be carried out solely by modification of the normal diet (including in the concept of diet modification the use of dietary supplements). (Guidelines on foods for special medical purposes, Ministry of Health, rev.2017)

foodar objectives

Vision and mission


Diventare il POLO ITALIANO d’ECCELLENZA nella nutrizione speciale, per raggiungere il successo durevole in un mercato globale e dinamico.


Garantire PRODOTTI e SERVIZI d’ECCELLENZA, per migliorare sensibilmente la qualità della vita di soggetti nutrizionalmente vulnerabili.
Company values

FoodAR - Advanced Research

The company develops, promotes and distributes Food for Special Medical Purposes (AFMS*) through pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, specialised shops, hospitals and homes for the elderly. We are committed to our corporate values in our work:


High compliance, reliability and palatability. Our service management is based on the fundamental principles of Quality. Our goal is to serve Excellence.


We believe that innovation is the best investment to face the challenges of the future with determination and enthusiasm, in a dynamic and constantly evolving market.


We encourage continuous learning of our People. We invest in creating a highly qualified workforce: knowledgeable and competent professionals who generate value. We pursue constant improvement as an essential element for the success and vitality of our group.


We are focused on the needs and expectations of our customers, aware that we can significantly improve the quality of life of those who need our products.

Foodar objectives in the world

We take our research on Foods for Special Medical Purposes around the world