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Delical Céréales Instant

PARAF code

  • Vanilla Honey flavour: 930968666
  • Biscuit taste: 930968680

Internal code

  • Vanilla Honey flavour: DHN108
  • Biscuit flavour: DHN109

  • Food for special medical purposes.


  • 420 g tin (contains 35 g measuring cup).

Preservation methods

  • Store the product in a cool, dry place. After opening, close the package tightly and use within 4-5 weeks.


High-protein, high-calorie thickening powder preparation, enriched with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Gluten-free.

Available in the following variants:

  • Honey and Vanilla
  • Biscuit

Description and indications

Delical Céréales Instant allows you to enrich breakfast (instead of biscuits or rusks) or snack by adapting the texture to the needs of the person. Ready in an instant, Delical Céréales Instant can be prepared both hot and cold (water, milk, tea). Recommended amount: 1 to 3 cups per day according to nutritional needs.

Dosage and method of use

Dosage and method of use
Recommended dosage: 70 g of powder (= 2 scoops of 35 g) + 130 ml of water (or milk, tea, coffee.) To be adapted in relation to the desired consistency and according to the levels of swallowing disorders.

Cream / Porridge: 50 g powder + 150 ml water or other drinks
Puree: 70 g powder + 130 ml water or other drinks.


The product must be used under medical supervision to supplement the usual diet. Do not use in children under three years of age.