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AM Plus Clear flavoured

PARAF code

  • Orange flavour: 939062117
  • Strawberry flavour: 939062143
  • Peach flavour: 939062168
  • Grenadine flavour: 942004173
  • ACE flavour: 942004209
  • Coffee flavour: 977445562

Internal code

  • Orange flavour: AMCLE3
  • Stawberry flavour: AMCLE4
  • Peach flavour: AMCLE5
  • Grenadine flavour: AMCLE6
  • ACE flavour: AMCLE7
  • Coffee flavour: AMCLE8


Food for special medical purposes.


250 g tin with measuring cup

Preservation methods

Store in a dry place and away from heat sources. Once opened, use within 8 weeks. Store thickened, uneaten food and drink in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours.


Flavoured gelling powder for water and beverages.

Available in the following variants:

– Orange flavour

– Strawberry flavour

– Peach flavour

– Grenadine flavour

– ACE flavour

– Coffee flavour

Description and indications

AM Plus Clear is a flavored gelling powder for the instant preparation of gelled water.

Dosage and method of use

Measure the amount of powder and add the liquid to thicken. Mix well for a few seconds until completely dissolved and wait 1-2 minutes.

The amount of powder per 100 ml of liquid varies according to the desired consistency:

Syrup consistency: 1.2 g
Cream consistency: 2.4 g
Pudding consistency: 3.6 g


The product must be used under medical supervision. Do not use in children under three years of age. Not suitable for use as the sole source of nourishment. Not for parenteral use. The E110 and E129 dyes can negatively affect the activity and attention of children.

Nutrition table

Energy KJ 1155 17
Kcal 276 4
Fat g 0 0
of which saturated fatty acids g 0 0
Carbohydrates g 54,15 0.812
of which sugars g 0 0
Fiber g 27,55 0.413
Protein g 0.85 0,012
Sale g 2.85 0,0425