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Aquagel powder

PARAF code

  • Orange flavour: 939969111
  • Grenadine flavour: 938279825

Internal code

  • Orange flavour: DM020
  • Grenadine flavour: DM021

  • Food for special medical purposes.


  • Carton 100 g (20 sachets x 5 g)

Preservation methods

  • Can be stored at room temperature, does not like humidity. After preparation, store in the fridge and consume within 48 hours.


Acquagel ready to use.

Available in the following variants:

  • Orange
  • Grenadine

Description and indications

The gelled water obtained with Acquagel powder is used to help hydrate people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) resulting from stroke, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Brain Tumors, etc. Particularly indicated in subjects who need to be re-educated for the swallowing function.

Dosage and method of use

The quantity varies according to needs, each sachet of Acquagel powder is pre-dosed with 5 g of powder: follow the doctor’s instructions. We recommend ½ – 1 liter of Acquagel powder per day. Use cold.

Each sachet is pre-dosed to prepare ½ liter of gelled water. Respecting the proportions indicated is essential for the perfect success of the preparation. Dissolve 1 sachet of powder in 1/2 liter of non-carbonated water, bring to a boil (also in a microwave oven) and leave to cool in the fridge until gelation has taken place.


Use under medical supervision. Do not use in children under three years of age. Not suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition. Contains a source of phenylalanine.

The E110 and E122 dyes can negatively affect the activity and attention of children.

Nutrition table

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION For 100 g Per bag (5 g) For 100 ml of solution
Energy KJ 1283 64 13
Kcal 306 15 3
Fat g 0 0 0
of which saturated fatty acids g 0 0 0
Carbohydrates g 50,0 2.50 0,5
of which sugars g 50,0 2.50 13
Fiber g 35,0 1.75 0,05
Protein g 9.0 0.45 0,09
Sale g 2,5 0.125 0,025